Monday, October 10, 2005

RMPO Golf Day

Golf #1
Pete Slusar, Tom & Barbara

Golf #2
A gaggle of happy golfers.

Golf #3
So much for the practice swing, now it is straight down the fairway 250 yds. A fella can dream, can't he?

Golf #4
Will those guys ever get past the 150yd. marker?

Golf #5
Loren Bush, Don Greenwald & Jack Hill

Golf #6
Dave Reed & Ev Perrin

Golf #7
Barbara, Wayne Harris, Tom & Pete Slusar

Golf #8
Barbara, Wayne, Tom & Pete

Golf #9
Ev Perrin, Loren Bush, Don Greenwald, Jack Hill, Wayne Harris & Barbara

Golf #10
Tom, Pete Slusar & Mike Flanigan

Golf #11
Russell Cancilla, Dick Wiggins & Wayne Harris

Golf #12
Tom, Barbara, Mike Flanigan, & Pete Slusar

Golf #13
Ev Perrin, Dave Reed & Jack Kochenour
Golf #14
Jack Hill, Don Greenwald, & Loren Bush


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