Monday, October 17, 2005

Construction Complete

All of the photos taken by me have been posted, at least those that were not fuzzy. I hope you have as much fun and enjoyment with them as I did. However, the most fun was being there spending time with some really great folks.

Please forgive my lapse of memory by not remembering everyone's name at the reunion. It's a senior moment thing. Your assistance in identifying familiar faces is appreciated.

I have also included some photos from Mike Flanigan. The last four in the golf posting.

Thank you for your time.


Monday, October 10, 2005

RMPO Golf Day

Golf #1
Pete Slusar, Tom & Barbara

Golf #2
A gaggle of happy golfers.

Golf #3
So much for the practice swing, now it is straight down the fairway 250 yds. A fella can dream, can't he?

Golf #4
Will those guys ever get past the 150yd. marker?

Golf #5
Loren Bush, Don Greenwald & Jack Hill

Golf #6
Dave Reed & Ev Perrin

Golf #7
Barbara, Wayne Harris, Tom & Pete Slusar

Golf #8
Barbara, Wayne, Tom & Pete

Golf #9
Ev Perrin, Loren Bush, Don Greenwald, Jack Hill, Wayne Harris & Barbara

Golf #10
Tom, Pete Slusar & Mike Flanigan

Golf #11
Russell Cancilla, Dick Wiggins & Wayne Harris

Golf #12
Tom, Barbara, Mike Flanigan, & Pete Slusar

Golf #13
Ev Perrin, Dave Reed & Jack Kochenour
Golf #14
Jack Hill, Don Greenwald, & Loren Bush

Sunday, October 09, 2005

RMPO Oktoberfest Celebration

Oktoberfest #1
Cris Nix, Maryann Kochenour, Edna Nix

Oktoberfest #2
Bill & Brenda Lyght & friends

Oktoberfest #3
Warren Olin, Jack Kochenour, Cris Nix, Maryann Kochenour, Edna Nix

Oktoberfest #4
BG Ted Kanamine, Don Greenwald, ?, Jim Miller, Charlie Heck

Oktoberfest #5
Millie Parrack reporting on the availability of seats.

Oktoberfest #6
Bianca Butts, Skip & Charlotte Little

Oktoberfest #7
?, Stefania & Flip Feher

Oktoberfest #8
Bill Lyght offers a toast to the occasion.

Oktoberfest #9
Cris Nix, Jim & Millie Parrack

Oktoberfest #10
Barry & Joan Billings

Oktoberfest #11
Arlen & Janie Bee

Oktoberfest #12
Jack & Dee Hill
Oktoberfest #13
?, Jim Shoultz
Oktoberfest #14
?, Pete & Velva Slusar

Oktoberfest #15
Everett & Jackie Perrin

Oktoberfest #16
The Kanamines, Nixes, Parracks & friends

Oktoberfest #17
Frank Cohn & friends

Oktoberfest #18
Hal Schneeweis, Maynard Eaves and Paula Cohn

Oktoberfest #19
Jim Anderson caught in the act of photography.

Oktoberfest #20
Donna & Ron Durian, Valarie & Ted Cole

Oktoberfest #21
Jim & Renate Anderson

Oktoberfest #22
Ron & Donna Durian

Oktoberfest #23
Maryann Kochenour & Bill Larkin

Oktoberfest #24
Nick & Jenny Green

Oktoberfest #25
Jackie Perrin, Ace Photographer

Oktoberfest #26
Horace Berry

Oktoberfest #27
Charlotte & Skip Little

Oktoberfest #28
Jim Tynan, Loren Bush, Valarie Cole

Oktoberfest #29
Jim & Dorothy Miller?

Oktoberfest #30
Dave & Natalie Reed

Oktoberfest #31
Jenny Green, Jim & Renate Anderson, Maryann Kochenour

Oktoberfest #32
The Coles, Nick Green, Horace Berry, Andrea K., Jenny Green

Oktoberfest #33
Ted & Valarie Cole, ?

Oktoberfest #34
Jim Parrack, Flip Feher, Jim Tynan

Oktoberfest #35
?, Millie Parrack, ?

Oktoberfest #36
Bill Larkin, ?

Oktoberfest #37
?, Horace Berry